When you need to know your brand initiative is working

Are you effectively building awareness and moving the needle on brand perceptions? We take a multi-level approach to tell you how your efforts are resonating with your target audience. We will work with you to clarify the objectives of your campaign or initiative, then design the study that will determine if it is hitting the mark.

Questions are customized to address your unique business needs and paired with standardized questions so you can compare performance against our established benchmarks.

Our Approach to Brand Lift

A few of the ways we evaluate brand lift:

  • Controlled Exposure studies replicate the exposure a consumer would have to your campaign “in the wild,” and compare their attitudes towards your brand with those of a control group.
  • In Pre-and-Post Studies, we follow your media campaign, comparing brand perceptions before and after the campaign. These can be combined with playback of creative in the post study to gain insights on your creative.
  • Our Multi-Sponsor Effectiveness Studies offer a cost-effective way to conduct controlled exposure studies for multiple brands at the same time. Using the exposed group for one brand as the control group for the other streamlines the process.

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