Opening the window on audience behaviour to see what flies in

Sometimes, when you’re trying to understand what’s happening with a new product or a whole new category, or when the numbers just don’t add up, you need to re-frame your assumptions so you can take the next step forward.

Are you looking for ground-level insights on how consumers are bringing a new technology into their lives? Do you need to get an up close and personal look on how consumers feel about a new product you’re bringing to the market? Or do you need a fix on what’s motivating audience behaviour? We will work with you to determine the exploratory approach that will get you the baseline understanding you need.

Our Approach to Qualitative Research

Working with our partners, we work with a full palette of qualitative techniques:

  • Online bulletin boards, where the consumer gives not only their responses to moderator questions, but also photos, video and audio, taking you into their lives and sharing their needs and aspirations.
  • Online or in-person focus groups, where you and your team can observe your target, talking about your brand and those of your competitors, just as they might with friends who share their interest.
  • In-depth personal interviews, where we peel the onion, probing deep to understand what’s driving their behaviour.
  • Ethnographic research, taking you into homes, offices, stores—to when and where the behaviour is happening.

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