A forensic view of how your content is performing

Great content is mostly about art. Research can’t create art. Our moment-by-moment contest testing can, however, tell you where your art is on target and where it may be missing the mark.

Your target audience will be recruited to an online survey or in-person session where they watch or listen to your content. They use a “dial” to indicate how they feel about your content, moment-by-moment, as they watch or listen. This is followed by a series of questions where the audience provides an overall assessment of the content, giving you the context behind their real-time evaluation.

Your report gives you a graphic view of the moment-by-moment results, showing the peaks and valleys by audience subgroups, as well as a detailed analysis and recommendations based on the overall results.

Our Approach to Content Testing

Among the types of content that benefit from moment-by-moment testing:

  • Podcasts of all genres
  • Radio morning shows
  • A radio station’s music mix
  • Video or audio ad campaigns
  • TV pilots

Building a Hit TV Show for Tweens