Ensure your media brand is operating at peak performance with a brand health study

A strong brand sets you up for success. Where you are now and where you want to go tomorrow. Both on and off platform. This is where a brand health study enters.

Our approach to brand health is founded on two pillars:

1) understanding the building blocks for a successful brand; and

2) how your brand performs on those measures.

We start by verifying what your target audience values.  And we follow up with regular tracking of how your brand and your competitors match up. Where you stand and what you stand for.

Our Approach to a Brand Health Study

Among the questions we answer in our Brand Health Studies:

  • What are the ‘must-have’ markers for a leading brand in your category and among your target?
  • Who owns the top-of-mind position for the key images, and who’s in the consideration set?
  • Are you moving the needle, making progress against your brand goals?
  • Is your brand strength matching up to success in the marketplace?

Helping a Legacy Radio Brand Regain Market Dominance

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