Why Signal Hill Insights?

In 25+ years of media research, I’ve been lucky to have had a ringside seat to watch some amazingly creative and talented people create magic.

Over the past five years, I have seen some particularly exciting things happening in audio. Smartphones and smart speakers have people listening to more audio than ever.

We believe research has an important role to play in the growth of audio, clearing a path to monetization for podcasts and audio streaming, and reaffirming the wide reach that broadcast radio brings to advertisers.

Signal Hill Insights will fill that role with new, adaptable research—a meaningful alternative to the old business model based on one-size-fits-all research products.

That’s our pledge with Signal Hill Insights. We hope you’ll join us on our adventure.

Signal Hill Newfoundland
Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic radio signal at Signal Hill Newfoundland in 1901. Inspired by that example of innovation, we call ourselves Signal Hill Insights.

We play on your team.

Signal Hill Insights builds trust by making “your” decisions “our” decisions. No cookie-cutter research. No data dumps. We’ll start by helping you clarify your objectives, then tailor the approach that will give you the answers you need. Reporting always goes beyond the numbers, distilling the data and applying our audio expertise to help you see the path ahead.

Jeff Vidler


Jeff’s career has kept him at the forefront of the changing audio landscape. Building on his in-the-trenches success, first as a radio station manager then program director, Jeff has spent the past 25+ years in research, sharing his passion for audio with North America’s major broadcast companies. More recently, he’s been doing the same with podcast publishers. Three other things that Jeff loves: mutually beneficial partnerships; collaborating on innovative research; and fantasy baseball. 

Joanne Van der Burgt

Client Services

Having worked with major research companies in the US and Canada, Joanne has a passion for the media, research and the advertising industry.  With 25+ years of experience adapting to the ever-evolving media landscape – finding insight and innovation  has become second nature to her.  Her side passion is putting a smile on peoples faces with the help of her puppies, Kahlua and Jack Daniels (seriously, no drinking problem) both St John Ambulance Therapy Dogs.

Matthew Hird


Matt has spent the last 13 years diving into data for radio, podcasting, television, out-of-home and digital media, and understands that each media has something special it brings to the table. Matt has worked with two of Canada's largest broadcasters, a UK-based research tech company, Canada's TV marketing and research association, and has been running his own media consulting company since 2017. Matt has a passion for sharing new insights, listening to podcasts and eating way too much pizza.

Our Partners

We have built a partner network of trusted research experts, global research firms and media professionals. This allows us to pull together a team to address whatever research approach your business needs demand.