What is a Brand Lift Study and will it tell me what I need to know?

When you perform a brand lift study, you are engaging in a survey to help you understand the value or performance of your advertising or marketing in building your brand.

There are several different ways to conduct brand lift studies for audio and it’s here where Signal Hill’s expertise adds value.

We help you define the objectives, select the right measurement, analyze and interpret the results based on our experience having completed hundreds of brand lift studies for audio. Whether you’re looking to gauge brand recall, brand awareness, purchase intent, brand sentiment or anything in between we help you deliver data that can be understood and transformed into real-world actionable insights.

Do you want to:

Check Impact on Awareness?

Brand-building starts at the top of the funnel. Is the campaign improving top-of-mind in your brand category?

Build Brand Affinity?

Your audio campaign may not on its own create brand love, but it can move your brand up the affinity ladder—from negative to neutral, from neutral to like.

Probe Purchase Consideration?

Even if your campaign isn’t converting to online purchase, it may be helping your listeners to consider purchase.

Move the Needle on Key Images?

Every campaign has at least one perception or brand pillar it’s hoping to develop or reinforce. Your Brand Lift Study can help you see if your campaign is hitting the mark.

How do you know if your audio campaign is working?

So, you’re running an audio campaign and you need to know if it’s building awareness or moving your brand up the favorability ladder. Or maybe you want to know if it’s reinforcing a key brand perception or driving consideration?

 A Brand Lift Study can help. Watch the video below see what you can learn from doing a Brand Lift Study.

No matter what type of audio, each Brand Lift Study that meets your objectives will help you learn what you need to make informed decisions and increase the effectiveness of future audio advertising and marketing campaigns.

Whether radio, podcasting or music streaming, a Brand Lift Study can help.

A great place to start is by completing our Brand Lift Help Template.

Fill in the form to determine the right brand lift study for your needs.

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Brand Lift Study Insights: