What? You’re Launching Signal Hill Insights Now?

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Yes, this is a crazy time to start a new research company. We’re all going through a serious rough patch.

The fact is it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

Why Signal Hill Insights?

Signal Hill Insights began as a gleam in our eye about three years ago. Our friends at Pacific Content had just started making high-end story-telling podcasts they call “original podcasts for brands.” They had some big-name companies as clients—Slack, McAfee, Dell Technologies, Facebook and Prudential to name a few. These firms believed these podcasts were doing good things for their brands. But they needed to find a way to prove it. They weren’t looking for the kind of impact measured with a promo code; this was about awareness and brand favourability. So they came to us at Audience Insights Inc. to custom design research studies that could establish the brand lift of their podcasts. We’ve done a long series of those since, for clients of Pacific Content as well as other publishers and advertisers.

At the same time, we’ve been watching as people spend more and more time with audio. Smartphones and smart speakers are creating new anywhere, anytime opportunities for listening. Podcast consumption and creation are booming. Audio streaming too. Meanwhile, as it’s done many times before, broadcast radio is starting to re-imagine itself for the new audio landscape.

It seemed to us that a team dedicated to audio research could help clear a path to monetization for podcasts and streaming and reaffirm the value of the broad reach that broadcast radio brings to advertisers.

We could see the benefits for advertisers too, especially when it comes to brand-building. A research firm focused can deliver insights on how to use it effectively, going beyond attribution or activation to building top-of-the-funnel awareness and brand affinity.

That’s where we believe Signal Hill Insights can help.

What is Signal Hill Insights?

We bring a new approach to the research process. Adaptable custom solutions from people who specialize in audio research as opposed to one-size-fits-all research products. We see the need for an approachable and nimble approach for an industry where everything is changing at warp speed.  So we’ve assembled a network of partners and associates to tap into whatever expertise the moment calls for.

Maybe it is an odd time to launch a new research company. But, if there are any green shoots out there this crazy Spring, we think some of them are the exciting things that are happening with audio. And we honestly can’t wait.

We hope you’ll join us on our adventure. Visit us at Signal Hill Insights and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We look forward to sharing our research findings and talking audio.