Harness the Power of Talent Reads for your Podcast Ad Campaigns

Learn How to Scale the Effectiveness of Host Read Podcast Ads

Host Read podcast ads remain popular because they’re proven effective. But they can be challenging to scale, especially with advanced targeting, run-of-network and programmatic buying.

New audience research from Gumball, ART19 and Signal Hill Insights demonstrates that “Talent Reads” complement the effectiveness of Host Read ads, and are perfect for increasing reach without sacrificing impact.

This exclusive report demonstrates how Talent Read Ads extend the influence of podcast hosts, and gives you the strategy to use them efficiently and effectively.

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You’ll learn:

  • What Talent Read ads are 

  • The evidence demonstrating their power

  • What Talent Reads are most effective at

  • How Talent Reads best complement Host Read and Announcer Read ads

  • Best practices for including Talent and Announcer Reads in your podcast campaign planning to drive more ROI