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Branded podcasts leverage the medium’s superpowers – long-form, focused attention and engagement – enabling a brand to enjoy 100% share of voice and more time and attention than just about any other branded channel or format.

As a leader in Podcast Brand Lift Studies, Signal Hill Insights has tested more major brands’ own podcasts than anyone else, analyzing the performance of series from brands like  Atlassian, Dell Technologies, Ford, OnStar and US Bank. 

From our extensive research in branded podcast effectiveness, we’re sharing performance benchmarks and practical takeaways you can use in planning, executing and evaluating your own branded podcast strategy.

You’ll learn:

  • Performance benchmarks for brand metrics 

  • The drivers of listener retention and recommendations

  • What listeners say about effective podcasts 

  • How to use branded content strategies with existing podcasts

  • Takeaways from case studies in effective branded podcasts and custom integrations

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