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Exploring the changing media landscape

When you need to get acquainted with new business opportunities or threats, an environmental scan is the natural place to start. Or maybe you’re just looking for a full 360° view. With so much in the way of research and stats now publicly available, there is no shortage of data. But it helps to know where to look; and how to sort the credible data from the “fake data” that may be promoting a hidden agenda.

Our environmental scans are performed by researchers who are subject experts. They will work with you on identifying a specific focus for the scan and deliverables, then scour publicly available data (including custom analysis from our public studies). It’s like “Instant IQ.” Your report will give you a broad understanding and a roadmap of where to go next, including sources where you can dig in deeper.

Our Approach to Environmental Scans

Examples of where Signal Hill Insights environmental scans can be helpful:

  • A new technology or platform
  • Insight on a competitor—their strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Preparatory work to building a business case
  • Adding context to what you’re seeing in your own research

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